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The term „incentive” derives from the Latin word „intender“ meaning „to spark enthusiasm.“ Let INCENDO BerlinExperiences spark the enthusiasm and creativity of your team and your customers. Exploit our experience, our contacts, our ideas and our visions for your business.

Become a part of Berlin's creative scene: Dance the Tango Argentino with us in Europe's most famous Tango metropolis; create your own unique corporate mosaic together with an internationally acclaimed artist to remind you of some unforgettable days; shape a block of wood into a flexible bow; let yourself be seduced to become an archer below the wintry, starlit sky in one of the city‘s wildly romantic and uncultivated landscapes; or solve a vexing criminal case along the catchphrase „Crime Scene Berlin.“

We offer incentive events, incentive tours, staff outings, supporting programs, customer events, company celebrations, or even team events that are tailored to meet your specific needs.

Here is where you will find selected program modules. You can either book our events separately, or as part of a larger package including hotel bookings, restaurant reservations, transfers, Berlin tour guides, etc. Do you have any other wishes? We're here to support you!

  • Tango Argentino
  • Archery
  • Corporate Mosaic
  • Crime Scene Berlin