Intuitive Archery

A happy feeling from your childhood:  Hitting the bull's eye with your toy bow. And taking it for granted! As we grow up, we become used to focusing on one point. What we lose in the process is the sense of letting go. But this very moment of mental ease – or intuition – is what guides the arrow to the target.

A manager may be in control of the strategic plan, but its implementation will only succeed by letting go, in other words, by having the trust to delegate authority to the proper staff. It is a fact that 90 percent of the decisions taken at the highest level of management are determined by intuition. As for the staff, trust is not a gift but rather the perfect incentive.

The practice of archery checks and schools the most diverse qualities, both yours and those of your team. Archery draws on mutual trust which is just as expedient as group instinct and motivation in this sport. Feedback is processed immediately and flows back into renewed action.
A unique adventure for body and soul! Discover the secrets of intuitive archery on untamed and romantic terrain right in the middle of Berlin!

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When we shoot for others rather than for ourselves, our energy misses the mark through distraction and defensiveness: Inner poise is the secret of an archer. The sequence of his actions leads to concentration and inner composure. The conduct strives to be as effective and unconscious as the drawing of a breath of air.  It is an exercise full of elegance that makes tangible the essential qualities of life:

  • Clarity and attentiveness for one‘s own particular path
  • The cultivation of peaceful certainty and serene calm
  • The development of spiritual power and energy
  • The promotion of leadership potential
  • Flexible action that is appropriate for every situation

Team qualities can be developed on the basis of the archery experience. Indeed, the immediate feedback engenders a sense of common experience among the participants:

  • Agreeing upon common goals
  • Exercising patience
  • Achieving goals together
  • Taking on challenges
  • Working out best solutions as a team

Arouse old childhood memories and relive them from the background of your life’s experience—a game, a challenge, an experiment that's fun and has a lasting effect.
We offer a special backdrop for this: A former industrial site that has been reconquered by nature—a wilderness in the heart of Berlin. The longbows, with which you will be shooting, were crafted here. Amidst the studio, the workshop and the open-air site, you will find just the perfect atmosphere to send your body and your spirit down new paths of discovery.