The Art of Leadership - Tango Argentino

The Tango Argentino is not just „the vertical expression of a horizontal desire": It is life itself and, since 2009, it has been part of the World Cultural Heritage. 

No other dance offers its dancers the chance to learn more about leadership and communication. At the same time, this dance demands only little prior technical understanding. These are therefore the ideal conditions for vibrantly taking the initiative and for direct and straightforward training. Dancing the Tango Argentino, the dancer is enriched by a first-hand experience about just how interrelated leading and being led are.  Its facets are limitless.

Its methods – proven over the centuries – are straightforward, namely, body language and a nonverbal dialog between two people.

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Tango is improvisation without basic steps and strict rules. Participants must do nothing more than be prepared to admit this challenge.
This makes the task all the greater: Each dance is a dance for all or nothing, a no-holds-barred kaleidoscope of the leadership and communication canon. Our program presents the Tango as an outstanding medium for entrepreneurial qualities.

The dance reflects and analyzes leadership challenges:

  • Bearing and presence (maintaining one‘s axis and standing)
  • Closeness and distance (making contact with the partner)
  • Strategy (planning movement within the room)
  • Flexibility (reaction to the unforeseen)
  • Awareness (receiving signals from the dance partner and the other couples)
  • Communication (providing momentum and being discerning)

The dance promotes an executive’s potential:

  • Conclusiveness (clarity in leadership)
  • Empathy (sensitivity in leadership style)
  • Tolerance (how do I deal with criticism and my own and others' mistakes?)
  • External perception (does the external perception match my own self-assessment?)
  • Reflection (wish and reality, development potential)

The universal language of music, the experience of an internationally recognized dancer, the atmosphere of a living tradition: The Tango Argentino has the embers that will set your hidden creativity ablaze.

Duration: 2.5 days