Corporate Mosaic – More than the Sum of its Parts

A mosaic displays it more palpably than just about any other work of art – the individual counts just as much as the collective whole. That's why this image composed of gleaming glass, ceramic, or sea shells can be seen to symbolize a functioning team. No one component is like another, yet none can be missing because each piece – like a cell in a body – carries the overriding idea within it. 

Our corporate mosaic offering is based on this conviction. A mobile work of art, to which every individual makes a creative contribution, is engendered through the power of a team. The staff determines how they will interact with one another – completely anew and unbiased. This includes everything from planning the motif to task allocation and technical execution. Everyone has the chance to discover not only their own creative force, but also that of the others. Fixed roles are thrown open while the creative process unearths hidden talents and connections.

The finished mosaic can be put on display at the enterprise and serve as a daily reminder to this experience.

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Countless shiny elements, artistically-guided mortise lines: The mosaic has been around for thousands of years as an image for eternity in which time stands still. The origin of its name stems from the term „muse, “and reminds us that it is art that gives expression to the qualities we carry within us.

After experiencing a Golden Age during the time of the Greek and Oriental cultures, and following the world-famous works of art by Gustav Klimt or Antonio Gaudí, the mosaic passed into obscurity for the past 50 years. Now, mosaics are being rediscovered by a new generation. They can be seen in bars, cafés and hotels, on museum facades and on ambitiously designed buildings.

Our concept seizes upon this renaissance because the mosaic also conveys values that are in demand again. Community and sustainability stand at the center of the corporate mosaic idea.

Let us guide you through a self-reflective, effective and partner-based process.
Under the tutelage of an internationally recognized mosaic artist, you will personally create a work of art during the two-and-a-half day long course. During this time, the team will pass through the same dynamic phases that take place during a business process:

  • Orientation phase – a short introduction of the technique and materials
  • Conflict phase – the conception and planning of the design
  • Organizational phase – task assignment
  • Work phase – implementation

During the design discussions, the visions, the values and the goals of every single staff member will come to view. During the implementation phase, you will nurture the ability to mould an abstract form into a visible one.

Your team's mosaic will be mobile. You can take it with you and display it at your corporation as the visible vestige of an unconventional brainstorming session.

Duration: 2,5 days