Leading and Following - Tango Argentino for Teams

Tango Argentino is not only an expression of vast sentiment and passions.
Next to stage dance there is also the Tango de Salon with its nearly indiscernible movements. It lives from the intimate togetherness of the dancing pair within the greater rotating movement of all the other dancers.

No other dance offers so many possibilities to learn how to communicate as a team. At the same time, there is no other dance that demands such little advance technical background. These are therefore the ideal conditions for learning first-hand just how interrelated leading and being led are, how personality and the experience of life are communicated within mere seconds via nonverbal body language, and how – in spite of one’s distinctive individuality – it feels to become part of the greater motion within a room.

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Tango is improvisation without basic steps and strict rules. The participants need do nothing more or less than to step up to the challenge of communicating – as a pair and within the team - using body language and nonverbal dialogue.

Our program uses the Tango Argentino as a method to recognize and rearrange team structures. Indeed, the dance not only reveals the individual personality but also the relationships among the team members. Here, factors play a role that can easily be carried over from the dance floor to the workplace:

  • Bearing and presence (maintaining one’s own axis and standing)
  • Closeness and distance (making contact with the partner and the other dancing couples)
  • Strategy (planning unhindered motion within the room)
  • Flexibility (reaction to unforeseen events)
  • Awareness (receiving signals from one‘s dance partner and surroundings couples)
  • Communication (providing stimuli and observing)

The dance stimulates contact among individual team members, but also within the team as a whole:

  • Resolve (clarity in leadership)
  • Empathy (sensibility in one‘s leadership style)
  • Tolerance (dealing with criticism for one’s own and others' mistakes)
  • External perception (does the external perception match my own self-assessment?)
  • Reflection (wish and reality, development potential)

We will equip you with the necessary instruments: The universal language of music, the experience of an internationally recognized dancer, the atmosphere of a living tradition: The Tango Argentino contains the embers that will set your hidden creativity ablaze and give your team new creative stimulus!

Duration: from 2 and a half days



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